Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law vs. Big Mom: Who Won the Fight? (2023)

It is known that Big Mom is probably the strongest female character from One Piece of all time. The former Emperor of the Sea was amazingly strong, and only a few could match her powers and abilities in the franchise. On the other hand, Eustass Kid and Trafalgar D. Water Law are two of the most formidable “Worst Generation” members in One Piece. Big Mom faced off against Kid and Law Wano Country Arc, and in this article, we will tell you how the battle happened and who won.

Ultimately, Eustass Kid and Trafalgar D. Water Law were able to defeat Big Mom in Wano Country, thus ending her reign as a Yonko; this was also paired with Kaidou’s defeat at the hands of Monkey D. Luffy, as both of them fell down into Wano’s magma chamber. Whether or not the two powerful pirate captains survived is not known at this moment.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on the above-given answer, as we will provide you with more details on the fight between Big Mom on one side and Eustass Kid and Trafalgar D. Water Law on the other. It was an epic battle in Wano Country and one of the best in the whole series, which is why we will provide you with a full recap, which also means that there will be spoilers present, which we have to warn you about.

Eustass Kid and Trafalgar D. Water Law were able to take down Big Mom…

The battle between the two powerful captains of the “Worst Generation” and one of the most powerful Yonko was an epic and one of the most important in the series. Namely, as soon as Big Mom’s homies are removed from her, Kid starts to attack her with his Punk Pistol, but the Yonko responds by giving him a right punch to the face. Kid tries to stop him, takes Yonko’s arm while grinning at her, and uses his Repel to launch Big Mom into the air. Law then uses his Tact to toss a boulder at the Yonko, causing her to tumble into the river.

Once Big Mom is saved by Prometheus shortly after, he gets up and decides to go battle her with Killer. He then proceeds to the edge of the roof of Onigashima’s skull, where Big Mom collapses with a massive clump of metal behind him and informs the other Supernovae that their intention was to divide the two Emperors, which he believes was accomplished.

Then, he is perplexed by the peculiar shape that the clouds above the levitating island have adopted. Kid is perplexed as to how Big Mom can fly while Zeus has been captured when she returns in flight. He then blocks Big Mom’s initial Killer strike but is hit by a second Fulgora blast that causes the two Supernovae to be projected onto the fortress’ second floor.

Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law vs. Big Mom: Who Won the Fight? (1)

They encounter Basil Hawkins, who assaults them after noticing that Big Mom doesn’t appear to be pursuing them. The two comrades sidestep the assault and accuse Hawkins of betraying them. Following a brief discussion, Killer decides to remain and battle Hawkins while Kid pursues Big Mom. As soon as he comes, he thwarts a Yonko attack that was aimed at Nami, Usopp, and Tama.

Kid then tells the Straw Hats that it is up to him to defeat Big Mom by using his metal arm to bash her head to the ground. Law suddenly shows up and, in spite of Kid’s resistance, offers him a partnership in the fight against Big Mom. Kid and Law decide to unleash their awakened Devil Fruit skills against the Emperor out of need after taking Big Mom’s Mother Raid and Ikoku strikes.

Law deploys a barrier called ROOM around his sword as Big Mom slams Kid toward the music hall, allowing him to pierce Big Mom’s body and unleash a shockwave that kills the Emperor. Kid then utilizes his newly discovered talent to transform Big Mom into a magnet, drawing a significant portion of the fortress building towards her and crushing her from every side.

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Yet, it wasn’t enough to kill Big Mom. Now really furious, the Emperor fashioned new Homies from the steel beams that had previously crushed her, using several Kaido servants’ souls to power his unique Homies. Big Mom challenged the Worst Generation Pirates to try and bring her down after realizing the strength of Kid and Law and giving up a year of her own life to become bigger and more powerful.

Kid vowed to overthrow the Emperor at all costs, unfazed by Big Mom’s new appearance. Then Big Mom took over once more, beating them while making fun of their crew’s cries for their lives to be spared. Big Mom moved towards the roof after punishing their crews for pleading with her and declaring their argument done.

However, this would give Law the upper hand because he was still alive and took advantage of her ascent to the roof to cover Kikoku with K-Room and stab her right arm all the way to her face. Then, declaring that she couldn’t have previously escaped this attack undamaged, he released Shock Wille once more on her. They were tied to Kid, who also got back up, just as his newly formed steel homies were about to assault him.

He confidently warned Big Mom that nothing was safe from harm before charging Big Mom with Punk Corna Dio and smashing her into a wall after absorbing both the homies and the surrounding metal. The two then told Big Mom once more that they would stop her from getting to the roof, even if they perished in battle. Big Mom assembles Napoleon, Hera, and Prometheus into a sword that is engulfed in flame and lightning and uses it to slice through her metal bull, but Kid says it is useless. Big Mom is back in full power.

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The Empress chuckles as she states that they are useless and must give up their individual goals. While this is going on, Kid leaps at Big Mom, giving her a magnetic pole and setting the other one on a wall. The pirate stays stuck to the wall, and when Kid comes around to charge her with his metal bull, she turns to face the wall and uses it as a shield.

Kid is startled, and the Empress quickly attacks the adversary, Misery, by drawing a female figure made of flames and lightning from her sword. Law, in the meantime, levitates a tower above her, uses it to knock her to the ground, and then uses his sword to stab her in the chest. Law doesn’t let go of the blade and keeps stretching it; he then emits an even more deadly shockwave that gravely hurts the Empress. Linlin continuously strikes him with hands covered in Haki.

Despite the severe damage, Big Mom unleashes Misery against Law, necessitating Kid’s assistance. Kid reiterates that he does not accept commands and then launches a giant electromagnetic cannon, whose potent beam of energy strikes the adversary directly. As she endures being attacked, Big Mom offers her adversaries a choice: give her fifty years of life or become her slaves.

She then starts to siphon off Kaido’s men’s life force, but the two Supernovae, who are unafraid of her, are immune to this tactic. Later, she observes Law enclosing the latter in an R-ROOM, which muffles all of the sounds she makes and prevents her from using her abilities. Kid then scolds Big Mom, saying that she will be sent to hell because he never gives up, and he hits her once more with his electromagnetic cannon, sending her tumbling to the ground. She then falls, followed by the bombs from the arsenal, and hears Kid and Law’s henchmen rejoicing about their victory against the Empress.

… but it is unknown whether she is gone for good!

Along with Kaidou, Big Mom fell down into the magma crater of Wano Country, and soon after, a large yet silent explosion was seen, implying that the two defeated Emperors perished in it. The members of Big Mom’s crew couldn’t confirm whether she survived, while some other pirates could be heard later stating that they’d heard that Big Mom died in Wano Country. Officially, though, her status is unknown, and knowing how powerful she is, we wouldn’t gamble with any precise answer now.


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